About Us

Our Mission Statement
The Lac La Ronge Indian Band Health Services will provide quality and efficient programming which is equitable and accessible while supporting and ensuring the holistic well-being of all band members in each of our communities.

Our Vision
The five (5) communities we serve will work together to promote and enhance healthy lifestyles for all band members, while ensuring continuous quality improvement and sustainable health services.

Updated Strategy

By working on community change to address underlying cause of poor health and by strengthening our programs to become more effective, we will take action of our top priority health challenges of addictions, violence, parenting, and chronic diseases and work to maintain good health, and better balance on our efforts at all levels of prevention.

Values & Beliefs
Our Beliefs Related to Tradition & Culture

Fairness & equity
Discipline is fundamental
Mutual respect
A Creator
First Nations people have a unique culture and language
Strength of treaties
Wisdom and knowledge of Elders
Reasonable tolerance

Our Beliefs About Our People

Individuals strive for excellence
There are “do-ers” and “followers”
Education is very important
People are capable of adapting to change in a positive manner
Accepting oneself is fundamental to accepting others
Each person is responsible for his/her actions

Our Beliefs about Health

We promote self-sufficiency therefore we promote self
Strong healthy family values build a healthy community
Everyone is responsible for his/her health
Good health is holistic and not merely an absence of disease
We believe in an environment that will ensure the sustainability of life

Our Beliefs about Our Health Service

We are capable of caring for our own people
A mix of talents and abilities strengthen an organization
We are each individuals who function as members of a team.