Community Development Program

The Community Support Workers (CSW) purpose is to retain Woodlands Cree culture and to provide support to community members. They hunt snare and net wild game and fish for distribution to Elders and other members in community who are unable to maintain their traditional diets. Other activities community support workers are involved include gardening with elders, maintain safe walk ways for elders, minor maintenance, chopping wood, assisting at foot care clinics and other health events.

The Community Development Program emerged from the Addictions Program and amalgamated from the addictions worker duties to a more Community based approach including children youth, families and elders. The focus is to bring families together to address the alcohol issues in a more holistic manner. This is accomplished by holding events in the community, or coordinating Educational Sessions with visiting professionals. The outcome is to build community capacity and address the alcohol and drug addiction through community involvement.

The goal is to have communities members involved in activities without drugs, alcohol or other addictive behavior.

The Community Development Workers are involved in home visits with Elders and families as well as to set up community events.

They also assist the mental health therapy program in organizing numerous activities throughout the year .

Some of the activities include: hooked on fishing, Not on drugs, National Addictions Awareness Week, Mental Health Week, Gym Nights, Women’s Nights, Craft Night, Traditional Trapping, Hunting with Youth, Canoe Safety, Culture Camp and the Youth, Birch Bark Sap Making, and Youth Conferences to name a few.