Human Resources

Human Resources Program Org Chart

Human Resources Department provides a wide range of human resource services at Lac La Ronge Indian Band Health Services (LLRIBHS) that support and enable employees, coordinators, supervisors and managers in their efforts to deliver effectual programs / services to the Lac La Ronge Indian Band Health Services, which includes:

  • recruitment of staff;
  • organizational development & design;
  • employee relations;
  • compensation and benefits administration

The purpose of the Human Resources department of LLRIBHS is to provide human resource services that support the strategic and day to day operational objectives. The Human resources department provides the structure and ability to meet the Lac La Ronge Indian Band Health Services community health plan through strategic and functional human resources support.

The Human Resources department has contributed to the process of LLRIBHS reforms for a healthy future by crafting and making changes to the human resources practices that should increase the effectiveness of LLRIBHS workforce. The Human Resources department proactively adopted formal management system to increase accountability & efficiency, improves services to the members of the community and streamline the administration to achieve the common goal of Lac La Ronge Indian Band.

The Human Resources department is determined to ensure a high performing workforce for LLRIBHS. The Human Resources retained its focus on attracting, retaining, developing and rewarding high potential individuals by providing opportunities of growth in an effective and efficient manner. The department ensures its governance through the Personel Policy Manual and seek continous updates and guidelines through Federal and Provincial legislations.