The Prevention & Recovery Services consists of programs dealing with Mental Health, Addictions, Holistic Wellness, Community Development, Youth Suicide Prevention, and support services for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. The vision of the P & R Services is for every person to experience holistic health in which mind, body, spirit and emotions strive for balance.

This can be achieved by people helping themselves and each other to enable individuals, families and communities to work together in unison, using their own ideas and resources to nurture children, to heal wounds from the past, to manage difficulties, to pursue dreams and to promote, maintain and restore well-being.

The Prevention and Recovery Program is covered by the Mental Health Therapists and Community Development Workers. They provide educational programs at schools on subjects such as Crystal Meth, tobacco use, self-esteem, addictive substances, as well as bike and road safety. Staff provide counseling sessions to individuals pursuing recovery from abusing substances such as marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, street drugs, inhalants and solvents. These sessions involve assessments, screening, and referrals to other agencies and treatment centers, as well as follow-up care once individuals return to their communities.

This program also provides support to deal with emotional issues like suicide and help schools to deal with behaviour challenged youth.

In addition, they hold monthly Parenting Groups, Alcoholics Anonymous Groups, Women for Sobriety meetings, and host Youth Conferences. They are involved with other agencies providing education to prenatal women at Indian Child and Family Services on the harm of alcohol on their babies, aid with Family Fun Days hosted by Mental Health, and provide support to families and communities in their time of grief. This program is also very involved in supporting and volunteering services at community run events such as winter festivals, treaty days, Elder’s gatherings, canoe quests, and community Culture Camps.

Most of the Prevention & Recovery Workers have diplomas in Addictions counseling and continually upgrade their skills and knowledge by attending workshops and conferences.

The MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM has three qualified professionals on staff, one registered with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists and two holding Bachelor of Indian Social Work degrees with experience in counseling. The goal of this program is to provide therapeutic services to all band members by promoting functional thinking and behavioral changes to enhance the quality of life and decrease the amount of ineffective and unhealthy life choices. The therapists work closely with clients on an individual or family basis with referrals from Indian Child and Family Services, the Department of Justice, schools, Victim Services, doctors, and health staff from other agencies.