The dental program has been in existence since 2005; we serve four communities, five schools and have a two-chair clinic at Jeannie Bird Clinic.

We have one Team Leader who is a Dental Therapist, Two Dental Therapists and Five Dental Aides.

The therapists provide examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fillings, and treatment for all LLRIB Band Members. Appointments can be booked through the dental aide or any LLRIB Health Clinic receptionist within the respected community.

We screen 0 to 5 years old kids for cavities, teach their caregivers how to brush, inform them about nutrition and transmission, and arrange treatment at clinic or referring agent.

Fluoride varnish Program continue with this age group and beyond and we try to use Atraumatic Restorative Treatment whenever possible to hold over our young patients until they are old enough for treatment.

Our teen population is another demographic area that is hard to reach for appointments; however we have identified them as a group in need. Fluorides are a way we try to reach all of our school age children – including teenagers.

Our goal is to get the children out of crisis and try to save as many permanent teeth as possible