The vision of the MCH/FASD program is:

“All women and families with infants and children who live in our communities will be supported to reach their fullest developmental and lifetime potential by providing access to a local integrated and effective MCH care system that responds to the family as a whole”.

The Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) portion is aimed specifically at improving the health of mothers & infants.

Maternal Child Health concerns have also been a major concern along with high teen pregnancies and high infant mortality rates. Other variables include unhealthy birth weights, poor maternal and infant nutrition.

A prenatal worker was hired to provide support to the prenatal and postnatal women and encourage healthier eating and breastfeeding.

Parent Support Workers are hired in each of the communities, and also, a Licensed Registered Nurse to supervise the programs.

The program assists prenatal and postnatal women in:

    1. nutrition / dietary assesments
    2. nutrition counselling /education (single or group)
    3. cooking classes
    4. food vouchers
    5. traditional / cultural teachings
    6. postnatal support
    7. breastfeeding education & support
    8. prenatal classes
    9. referrals to other care providers and they are the liaison to
      other health care providers.
    10. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder clientele