Keethanow Health Advisory Board

Keethanow Health Advisory Board (KHAB) Overview

The Keethanow Advisory Board (KHAB) has a representative from each of the respective communities for 2011 – 2013:

(1) Grandmother’s Bay: Cecilia McLeod
(2) Sucker River: Miles Ratt
(3) La Ronge: Elder Catherine Charles, Irwin Hennie, Francis Charles
(4) Little Red River Reserve: Phyllis Moccasin
(5) Hall Lake: Thomas Ratt
(6) Two Health Portfolio Councilors from Chief and council

The Health Director reports to KHAB on the administration of the Health Department, as well as represents the KHAB and Health Department at LLRIB Chief & Council meetings. The LLRIB health program includes the communities of La Ronge, Grandmother’s Bay, Sucker River, Hall Lake and Little Red River.

The Keethanow Health Advisory Board (KHAB) meets regularly every month. As well as the regular meetings, the KHAB members are all active participants on the LLRIB Health Services Interview Committee.

They have no authority in the staffing, disciplinary action(s) or program delivery.

Keethanow Health Advisory Board


“We value the support from Chief and Council that has provided our staff with the ability to implement the change necessary to meet the program delivery requirements. Through the contribution from our Health Managers we have made many recommendations trhough out the year and have increase the ability of our staff to deliver Health Programs.”

cecilia_mcleodCecilia McLeod
Grandmother’s Bay
miles_rattMiles Ratt
Sucker River
irwin_hennieIrwin Hennie
La Ronge
fran_charlesFran Charles
La Ronge
phyllis_moccasinPhyllis Moccasin
Little Red River Reserve
No Picture

Thomas Ratt
Hall Lake